I want to become a face of your skin with cranberry by permanent hair removal

My husband wishes to depilate his face.

I confessed my husband was envious when I confessed that I was depilating the armpits.
It is a problem of facial beard.
My husband has weak skin.
So you can get razors and electric razors.
Sometimes my blood is on.
Men thought that shaving beards is a matter of course.
I have never thought of pain.
Women also do.
Everyone is worried about skin roughness, etc. since suffering from troubles and processing of hair all the time from adolescence.
That is the same. My husband said he wanted to remove hair from his face.
There is quite a lot of facial hair, so how long will it take to actually do it all? Moreover, because it is a place that hits the sun on face, what will you do after hair removal?

Doubts come up.
Certainly, I also saw it on television advertising.
Recently, there are many youth who are full of cleanliness.
He seems to be handling hair with a beauty treatment for men.
When I do hair depilation aside, the skin is also rough after the hair is pulled out again, and it has heat.
So it was chilled with a special gel pack.
It's about 20 minutes.
Thanks to that, I can get a fever.
And your skin is slippery.
My husband is very interested in depilation, so if I talk about this, I will really eat it.
It is very funny.
Just like the arms and legs.
I was told that it was nice.
Since I am also talking about a single era, I could do so far so it was good.
I would like to recommend my daughter as soon as possible.

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