I want to become a face of your skin with cranberry by permanent hair removal

Thinking about facial hair loss

There are various kinds of hair removal.
Epilation done with esthetic and simple things that are done in overseas such as abroad are each also.
In the coming season, because it gets hot, it is the season when the exposure of the skin increases.
Since I am also a woman, I want to remove hair even in the visible range, as the exposure of the skin increases.
I think that it is legs, armpits, arms, face etc. after all, when it becomes a visible part.
There are many people who do hair removal for arms and lizards, but there are parts that are likely to be forgotten.
It is a face.
The face is a part that I check with a mirror etc. every day, but I think that it is the last part of my mind that comes to my mind when thinking about going off hair.
The priority is a very low part.

However, since the face is the place where you meet the first eye with the person you are faced with for the first time, I think that it is the part that can be seen by many people.
The part I want to process first is the hair in the hair that is on my face.
I think that it would not be bearded because it is a woman, but the lashes below the nose are bearded like beards.
This is my worrying part.

If you do make-up, it is a less noticeable part, but I want to get hair depiled somehow because I want to be a beautiful skin even with a simple face without makeup I will.
I think that the first impression of human beings will be decided again by face, so I think that beautiful slippery skin is desirable.
If this beard dies, I also feel confident in my face a little.
I want to aim for a wonderful woman.

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